1. Wicked…mutants!

  2. My Life As A Weapon

    Snikt! Wolverine. Art by Peter V. Nguyen

  3. Geronimo! She-Hulk x Doctor Who. Art by Kevin Wada

  4. Do you want to build an Asgardian snowman?

  5. Here comes Ant-Man!

  6. iZOMBIE promotional poster

  7. What a feeling, being’s believing! Elektra by Cliff Chiang

  8. Photo: Bobbi, Carol and Jessica by Cliff Chiang! Marvel Comics’ Super-heroines of the 1970s!

  9. Photo: That zombie life though - it’s not always sunshine and rainbows. Gwen the gravedigger from iZOMBIE.

  10. Photo: post-apocalyptic blues. Yorick the last man on Earth!